What to do when you’re locked out?

Somehow it seems that whenever you’re locked out is the worst possible day to not have your keys. Whether it’s an important business meeting, doctors appointment or you’re just in a hurry – stress can cause us to be flustered. Unfortunately, being flustered can then result in spilling coffee on yourself, or getting locked out.

Improvements in home security can be a Catch 22 because not only is it harder for burglars to get in, it is also harder for you to get in. The growth in homes protected by double barrier locks or dead locks means that your home security has increased but you may find it a tad trickier to pick your home lock than your grandparents did.

So what can you do? (more…)

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Preventing and Eliminating Drain Smells

A smelly drain is everyone’s problem – because it fills your house or business with a disgusting odour. It could be a fishy smell, sewerage gas or just an unpleasant tinge to your air – but whatever it is you certainly don’t want it. It’s a common complaint that drains are stinky, and an oft Googled phrase, “avoiding stinky drains” or “eliminating drain odours”. So what can you do about those dastardly drains? (more…)

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Why you should never get your dental implants done overseas

In the past few years there has been an increase in the number of Australians heading to Asia to get cheap dental work.

All it takes is to type a few key words into Google and Wow! – so many exotic locations where you can receive ‘safe, clean and cheap dental implants’. These websites claim that at their Thai or Phillipino Hopsital you’ll receive ‘world-class’ care at 60% savings.

With some packages for dental implants you can even have a holiday, accomodation and a trip around some beaches. Too good to be true, right?

Unfortunately, the answer is often yes.

Whilst in some overseas locations there is the possibility of good treatment, when treatment becomes complicated huge problems can develop. Unfortunately when Australians seek care overseas, they may end up with bigger problems from their cheap dental implants, and a bigger bill to boot. All too often patients return home sore and sorry, and have to pay lots more to fix the problem that has been created.

Overseas dental implants gone wrong

Before you make your decision:

If you do want to get cheap dental implants overseas, read the following information guide first.

  1. Lots of overseas based dental practitioners who offer cheap treatments are able to do so because they are not under the regulation of Australian dental bodies. These regulations and rules protect the safety of patients in Australia.
  2. Australia has one of the highest levels of infection control in the world. This means that we take for granted our protection against infection when we are treated on. Unfortunately if we head overseas for treatment these regulations are often far more lax and the standard lower. Dental implants require strict infection control because surgery is often involved.
  3. Recently a new super-bug NDM-1 has been reported on Australian shores. This bug is extremely resistant to antibiotics. Medical experts have blamed the introduction of this bug to Australia on the increase in citizens travelling overseas for cheap dental procedures. The super-bug is alleged to originate in Asia, specifically in india, but instances of infection have also occured in Pakistan and Japan.
  4. Communication issues may become a concern if you go ahead with treatment overseas. Whilst these may seem unimportant, in the case of an emergency or complication they can cause serious problems.
  5. In order to correctly fit dental implants the medical practitioner needs an extended period of time. This is to make sure that each step of the procedure has worked and settled correcrtly before the next stage is begun. This means that dental implants cannot possibly be fit into a week -long overseas holiday, without undermining the possible success of the proceedure. If implants are rushed their base may not be settled, causing complications.
  6. In Australia you will be able to seek alternative and immediate treatment if something goes wrong. You’ll also have easy and regulated access to your dentist so that any issues can be resolved. You can be certain that in Australia your rights are protected. Travel insurance rarely covers the potential medical and financial fall out from dental implants obtained overseas.

Please choose your dentist carefully when obtaining any kind of dental procedure. In the case of dental implants surgery is often involved, so extra care is advised. Cheap dental implants overseas could damage your health and your wallet.

When making your decision on where to have your cosmetic dentistry done, read up on the risks of overseas dental implants by our friend Dr Paulo Pinho.

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Three ways to clear a blocked toilet quickly

Here’s 3 Simple Ways To Clear A Blocked Toilet

Three ways to clear a blocked toilet quicklyNobody wants a blocked toilet – it’s smelly, inconvenient and often creates a bit of a mess! That’s why we’ve compiled some information on quick fixes for that all too common problem of a blocked toilet. Just how can you unblock a toilet if you have a bit of a problem where something just wont go down?

First things first, what is the blockage? 

You probably know what is blocking your toilet, but you might not. Depending on the types of blockages you might be experiencing in your bathroom, the solution will be different. Ask whoever was there when the toilet became blocked if they know why, or look around and see if you can ascertain the problem.

Toys where they shouldn’t be

If you’ve got kids, or your friends do, then you probably know that sometimes toys end up where they shouldn’t be. If there is a toy inside your toilet don’t fret – it might be the end for the toy- but not for the toilet. Having a talk to your kids and let them know the problems that arise if the toilet is blocked is a good idea, but for now – let’s get that toilet sorted.

How to fix it:

So what are your options when your kids have decided to share their toys with your toilet? A classic tip is to use a coat hanger. They make the perfect tool because there a common household item and the resistant but flexible wire makes for a great hook. Unravel the regular shape of the coat hanger until it is a long thin wire with one end that is hooked or rounded. Tying a piece of fabric around this end will stop it from scratching the inside of your toilet bowl and damaging it. You can now use this makeshift device to scoop toys out of where they don’t belong.


Sometimes even if something does belong in the toilet, too much of it can cause a problem. A build-up of hair from an at home haircut, too much toilet paper, or some items that don’t quite belong – sanitary items or condoms, can cause a nasty toilet blockage.

How to fix it:

This is a good time to get out the plunger. Your plunger should help you push everything through and allow the toilet to begin functioning normally again. However, sometimes a plunger may be more trouble than it is worth if a more heavy duty type is needed.

Yuck! I don’t want to touch that stinky toilet.

We know that lots of people don’t want to go near a yucky toilet, especially when it’s all full of unmentionables. Sometimes if the problem is quite severe an everyday person can make things worse, so a professional might be what you need.


These three hints were sent in to us by our friends over at No Doubt Plumbing, who have been expertly unblocking your toilet for over 20 years!

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